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Only 6 of 15 spots remaining!
We have 15 spots for our famous 42 Day Challenge!
This year we want to encourage our community to adopt healthier lifestyle habits - including our workout program (4x winner of Top Rated in Calgary), our "World's Easiest" nutritional plan designed to get you a tighter and more toned body, and our lifestyle habits so you're living a healthier and happier life!  

This program has helped over 600 Calgarians this year. It just plain works. If you're struggling with your healthy, appearance, or mindset, this is the program that will change your life!
Silver Springs Ironside Fitness
8060 Silver Springs Blvd NW, Calgary, AB T3B 5K1, Canada
Call: (403)247-0404
Here's REAL Proof That This Works for Others and Can Work for YOU Too!
Trust me all of these people are amazing people but there's "nothing special" about them when it came to weight loss, in fact most have a "difficult time losing weight" and have had many failed attempts!
Our previous challenges have seen hundreds of people get fit and have could be your turn NOW!
Due to high demand your spot will be released in:
Mom always said, "it's more fun when you share with others!"
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